Seeing red…!


Occasionally we all have to deal with the player who totally loses the plot.  For no reason.  They see red…and  then they see red!

Whether its the winger who has no clue about the etiquette of forward play (and confuses rucking for “kicking a  player in the head”) or the front row player who gets hungry mid-match and decides to nibble on someone or  the hooker who give a warm Glaswegian welcome to his opposite number!

The issue is not so much why they are behaving like a moron on acid, but how to resolve the situation quickly, and more importantly calmly.

As soon as we realise that something really unsavoury has happened: the haymaker punch; vicious headbutt; attempted drop kick of a player head; or worse, everyone’s adrenalin kicks in, including the ref!

Its hard not to get caught up in the moment (and go apoplectic at the idiot who has come close to maiming someone) but the vital thing is to kick into the “halcyon” autopilot.

Unlike blowing the whistle for a try or a simple knock-on.  The long, hard and loud blast that indicates something untoward has occurred means that everyone’s eyes are now on you – and you better not screw it up!

I learnt this weekend that taking your time, giving yourself and everyone else  time to breathe and think really helps.

Did I really just see THAT?….Yes, yes I did… now what did I do with that red card?



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  1. And for those newer refs, you just *know* when a card should be red. When you see it for the first time – you will know. And because you’ve thought about it, you’ll know what to do next and how to deal with the situation. What? You haven’t thought about it? Get to it!

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