Truly scrumptious!


So the Six Nations kicks off with England breaking an eight year duck in Cardiff, France ruling the roost in Paris and Ireland playing like headless chickens in Rome.

Despite all the rhetoric from the IRB, and continued lobbying by Brian Moore, the scrums remain a total disaster.  Nearly 80% of the scrums in the England v Wales match were uncompleted.  I hate rugby league scrums but at least they stay up!

The issue, in my view, is the mythical “hit”.  The “crouch, touch, pause, engage” has led to the development of essentially an 8 v 8 tackle, such is the force and power with which they come together.  Why not take a step back to the 1990s and bring the front rows together and let them engage gently.  Then get the ball in straight and have a proper, old fashioned, rugby style, pushing contest.  You never know we might get 25% to stay up!

And whilst the focus this week was on the transfers within football, one move that went unnoticed was Gavin Henson sneaking off to Toulon, which just shows that commitment of professional sportsman is just as fickle regardless of sport.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Gavin and Cipriani don’t announce their civil partnership before the end of the season, along with their decision to now play in the front row!

Let us hope that the next round we have scrums that stay up and scrum halves that put in straight… I won’t hold my breath!


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  1. The hit should be illegal anyway, it’s pushing before the ball comes in.

    Both teams bind up, come together, ball in straight.

    You’d get all the old tricks coming back, tight heads taking it low, looseheads trying to hold it up, still loads of pushing and and opportunity to strike for the opposition hooker.

    Less back injuries, less hurt necks, less reset scrums, more real scrummaging.


    p.s. Baggier shirts for the props too, how can you bind on a shirt if there’s nothing to bind on to.

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