Gagging for a gag


Whilst the wild speculation surrounding a certain Welsh* Premiership footballer’s indiscretions off the pitch are now subject to a legal “gagging” order, another Welsh sportsman probably needs a gagging order – but one that shuts him up to save himself from himself!

Yes the orange one, playing in the red of Toulon looks likely to turn blue as he’s to be left out in the cold by his second club in two months since returning to the game after a self-imposed exile.

Gavin Henson has all the characteristics required to be a prima donna, bling wearing, over rated, well over payed, roll around on the floor yelling footballer – and perhaps he should consider it after his new team mates appear to have shunned him.

Wales might want to reconsider their thoughts on taking him to the Rugby World Cup he is clearly not completely stable and would cause more problems than its worth.

On a similar note, Englands most over-inflated ego, Delon Armitage (thank god for Ben Foden) is in trouble again. This time rather than taking a pop at an anti drug official, he slyly punched Northampton’s flyhalf Stephen Myler in the face. With any luck the England management will leave him at home when flights to New Zealand are booked.

Perhaps he can snuggle up with Gavin on the sofa to watch what there over inflated belief in their own press has cost them.

*Allegedly and according to the Manchester United fans forum!


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