England looking All Black…


After the end of the hectic season, which seemed to stretch on forever (my last competitive match was 11 June!) I took a well earned break, from both the rugby and work!

So after a stint in Italy, a week on the beach in Croatia and an adventure to Morocco (where I went to try my hand at a new sport – Kite-Surfing) I am back in the UK and already thoughts are turning to the next season.

However, I am utterly dismayed, like many people, at the never ending crisis that seems to be ubiquitous for the RFU in 2011. First we had the ‘job description‘ debacle that ultimately led to the demise of John Steele exactly one year and one day after he took up position as Chief Executive. The amateur handling and inbred infighting by the RFU management makes FIFA’s problems look average in comparison.

Next in the firing line was the RFU chairman, Martyn Thomas, who lasted only a month longer than Steele, and who was undone by the review by Judge Jeff Blackett that he himself had ordered. The report, yet to be publicly released, pretty much damned the whole RFU Board to hell, with the sole exception of Bill Beaumont. Effectively the RFU are now rudderless, hopeless and their reputation is in tatters.

So with only 54 days before the World Cup in New Zealand, England are in serious trouble, so much so the marketing team have come up with the initiative to give them a new, all black, kit! Presumably to pretend that they have nothing to do with the once proud Red Rose.

Lets hope the Board are kicked to touch before the new season kicks off….


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