I am a referee in the North of England.

Having played for 15 years for a few clubs in England and New Zealand, I put down the gum shield and picked up the whistle – and haven’t looked back since!

My blog attempts to bring my personal views and observations on the great game and will hopefully help me to improve my understanding of the game through sharing and learning!

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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for a refreshing view. I stopped watching rugby due to the inconsistency of the applications of the rules….. and the impact it had on my blood pressure… now I have a huge amount of free time each weekend.

    But perhaps I do not know the rules and perhaps the rules on the IRB web site 3 years ago was out of date…

    How about a series on the rules as stated in plain language and no **** interpretation. If a ball needs to be straight when put into the scrum it must be…..

    As you said , it is amazing how these professionals cannot do some of the most basic things and are allowed to get away with it game after game.

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